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Welcome to AC Kids

We are so excited you are here! It’s an awesome pleasure to partner with you as parents in helping your kids discover and grow in Jesus. Develop great friendships and relationships here at church. And live your life/family/faith contagiously and excitedly so!

Lil’ Kids – Birth – Kindergarten care available during both services.

Elementary – we offer elementary services during the second service (10:30am).

*All Venues for kids are open 15 minutes prior to each service to welcome families.

Early Childhood: Birth - 2's

We’ve created an environment especially for children, ages infant through four years old. Our goal is to teach every child that God made them, God loves them, and Jesus wants to be their friend forever.

While our environment is state of the art,  we think you will be most impressed with our ministry care givers. Our early childhood is filled with incredibly loving & dedicated volunteers who’s aim is to love on your kids and quite literally be the hands of God to your little ones. We take this serious! It may not be your nursery at home, but we want it to be the next best thing!

We have a developmental graduation process.

This simply means we move our kids (birth – 2’s) to another group when they develop both in growth and motor skills. Once they reach our early or late two‘s, that will be the group they will do kidmin/life with.

Early Childhood: 3’s - Kindergarten

Your kids here will enter into an age appropriate learning environment.

Each week your kids will participate in awesome play & craft time.  Our kids here will also have a corporate kid-friendly celebration/learning time together. It’s filled with songs, object lessons and story time, characters and special guests. Please feel free to stop in and watch/participate. You will love it!

Once your kids reach our pre-school groups/ages, we move kids up in accordance with the school calendar year, so we can keep friendships together.

If you have an questions please contact our Lil’ Kids Director, Sue Skeen at [email protected]


High Octane! Nickelodeon style! Slime Time and Wipe Out! Yeah that pretty much can describe it all. It’s anything but boring. It’s highly engaging, entertaining, eventful, spiritually stimulating and invigorating! This is not your everyday church experience for kids!

These are the most spiritually significant years of your child’s life. It’s known as the 4-14 window. It’s where over 80% of kids encounters Jesus positively or negatively between the ages of 4 and 14. Why would we do anything less?! Thanks for partnering with us!

AC Kids has an extensive volunteer screening process to ensure that your child(ren)’s experience is a safe and positive one.

Every AC kids staff, coach and ministry leader has completed and passed an extensive background / screening process, and is familiar with our policies and procedures for a safe ministry experience.

Great lengths are taken to ensure that we have the best people ministering to and interacting with your kids.

Please feel free to contact any member of our children’s staff to answer any questions you may have, or to help walk you through our “safe kids’ certified process”.  You can even download a copy of our policies and procedures here and view them for yourself.

CLICK HERE for more info and to register!

Dedicating Your Child

Proverbs 20:25 tells us, “It is a trap for a man to dedicate something rashly and only later consider his vows.”

What does it mean?

To dedicate means to “set apart.” A dedication service is a public expression that you as Christian parents are willing to do all you can to “set apart” your child for God until that child can make his or her own choice regarding a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It could more aptly be described as “Parent Dedication”.

In dedicating your child to the Lord, you as parents make a vow to raise your child in God’s ways and not your own. The dedication service is more than a ritual – it is a commitment you are making to honor the will and Word of God.

Developmental Insights…Making the Connection

A recent research study by the Barna Research Group, which studies American Cultural trends and the Christian Church, discovered that a person’s lifelong behaviors and views are generally developed when they are young – particularly before they reach their teenage years.

Their research showed four critical outcomes:

  • A person’s moral foundations are generally in place by the time they reach age nine.
  • Determinations regarding the personal significance of Christ’s death and resurrection are most likely to be made by age twelve.
  • In most cases people’s spiritual beliefs are irrevocably formed when they are pre-teens. In essence, he noted, “what you believe by the time you are age 13 is what you will die believing.”
  • Today’s adult church leaders usually have serious involvement in church life and training when they are young.

Partnership – Understanding your contribution

 Families and church working together:

  • The research also concluded “In situations where children became mature Christians we usually found a symbiotic partnership between their parents and their church.”
  • The church encouraged parents to prioritize the spiritual development of their children and parents raised their children in the context of a faith-based community. Neither the parents nor the church could have done it alone.

Details for your special day:

  • Please sign up to register your attendance at a class.
  • A class / overview is required to be able to dedicate your child at GC.
  • Child dedications are an intricate part of or worship celebration, and are planned accordingly. Hence the number of dedications per service is limited…please do not make any arrangements for your dedication until you have attended class and confirmed the logistics for your dedication.
  • A dedication service is usually held every 6 weeks after each class…please check dates below so you can schedule your class. Service times and dates will be confirmed at class end.
  1. *You must have attended a child dedication class to participate in a Child Dedication Service*
  2. After attending your class, you will then be able to schedule your place in the next Child / parent dedication service.

Sign up here to be a part of the next child dedication service.

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We were not designed to do life alone! You have heard the quote “it takes a community to raise a child.” The completed quote should read, it takes a “faith community” to raise a child. “Training up a child” is explicit in scripture. There is a big difference between raising and training. Training takes intentionality, and a plan. Don’t be overwhelmed, this does not happen alone. We do it in partnership.

We are here to help spark, reinforce and stimulate spiritual growth which is already taking place at home or just beginning at home. We are all in process here. We are here for both parents and kids. Dialogue / questions are open and encouraged. We love doing this over coffee too.

Love to know where you are at and how we can help you “train up a child in the way that they should go”. Wow, this could sound complex. It isn’t! It simply means do life with God in the pic and He’ll help us work it out! It’s certainly doesn’t mean we’ll get it right every time either. That’s what “I’m sorry,” and do-overs are for! Thank goodness for grace!

Lets’ do this!

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