Pay It Forward

One of the qualities that we emphasize at Aurora is generosity. Jesus was a giver, and not only did he give but he gave extravagantly. We want to provide the community of Aurora with the opportunity to be extravagant givers, but we don’t necessarily mean just in the church offerings. One the facts about living in a broken world is that bad things happen and people need help. We want to help you find ways to live out a lifestyle of generosity and grace. We also understand that its sometimes hard to know where or who to give your time and resources to. On this page you will find descriptions of people who are in need, feel free to read about how you can help and choose to give to whomever you please!! Thanks for being an extravagant giver by paying it forward!!

Opportunities to Pay It Forward:

Sharon Frazier

Shoreline Community Care

Breakthrough Partners