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Christmas Eve Services

December 24, 2014 3:30 pm

Christmas Offering

When you give generously, you fulfill the purpose of God in your life. Listen as Pastor Jimmy talks about how the generous giver is a partner with God, the greatest giver of gifts the world has ever known.

Speaker: Pastor Jimmy Skeen
Text: John 3:16

Simply Christmas: Part 1

Are you facing the holiday season with a sense of dread? Are you overwhelmed planning events, buying things, and making sure you leave the right impression at your company party? Pastor Jimmy reminds us where and with Whom are true source of Christmas joy lies.

Speaker: Pastor Jimmy Skeen
Text: Romans 1:25; Phil 3:7-8

Lead Like Christ

There are countless leaders in the world, but how many of them truly lead well? Christ’s definition of leadership is radically different. Listen in as guest speaker Calvin Kispert paints a scenario where we can realize our own ability to lead like Christ led.

Speaker: Calvin Kispert